In a business, the stakeholders need to make informed business decisions to plan strategically for achieving business goals. It is critical to perform an in-depth evaluation of the business’s functional, technical, quality, and operational aspects. The technical due diligence process provides this detailed examination of functional capabilities, interoperability, application and infrastructural architecture, scalability and performance, process and controls, privacy and security, organization structure, and process methodology and their limitations to provide a detailed inside roadmap, achieve architectural excellence and areas of improvement in your product.

At Cygnet Infotech, we analyze and understand the competence of your business with our SMEs of your industry, assess all the key risks, perform a detailed study of your technical ecosystem, and functional side of the product and its prospects, test workload, and forecast its payback. Our experts collect an overview of the current business landscape and business requirements in a phased manner using multiple modes of evaluation and propose solutions to complement your business strategy.

We begin with a technical walk-through followed by an in-depth architectural and code review, business backlog analysis, tech debt analysis and identification, end-to-end tech discovery, gap identification, and operational, infrastructure, security, and risk analysis. Our customers benefit from flexible strategies and failover plans that are adaptable for the situation in life. We propose a tech debt in priority model based on reviews and test runs to help in operational activities during the key junctures of the product lifecycle.

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Industry experts & technology CoE

End-to-end tech DD

AS-IS (Business Landscape)

Detailed understanding of the business process

Technical walk through

In-depth architectural and code review

Business backlog analysis

Tech debt analysis and identification

End-to-end tech discovery

Gap identification

Operational, infrastructure, security, and risk analysis

Our offerings

Customer engagement strategy

The degree to which a business connects to its customers and staff determines its success. A business can generate growth at the speed of light through relevance and engagement.

Cygnet Infotech helps businesses uncover new pathways to success through a measured approach to building, launching, and growing innovative goods, services, and experiences that people enjoy. We strike a balance between the simplicity of an agile business model and the complexity of the commercial environment to boost sales and create new market growth.

Business process automation

Businesses invest a lot of money and resources in repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. Back-office business systems were put in place t core company procedures, including order management, inventory management, and other management processes. Many businesses can no longer satisfy their current business needs with their original business process automation (BPA) system because they have outgrown it.

At Cygnet Infotech, we specialize in assisting businesses through innovative BPA solutions to eliminate manual procedures and duties, so they may streamline operations while improving results. We assist you in laying off repetitive, normal tasks that take up important employee time, are prone to human error, or drive-up overhead costs. We are aware of how critical these procedures are to a business’s continued success and simplify these tasks so that your staff has more time to focus on the expansion and creativity of the business.

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