The gradual onset of big data technology and the continuous evolution of various work process technologies has taken off new dimensions. The advent of the Internet of Things and other connected devices has left no stone unturned in impacting supply chain functionality on a strategic level. It has spurred the evolution of digital transformation across all aspects of supply chain operations including financing, procurement, and warehousing. With digital transformation playing a central role, supply chain capabilities and technologies have evolved significantly.

With Cygnet DES’s domain expertise in the supply chain industry and experience of over two decades in digital transformation, build a dynamic supply chain ecosystem. By understanding the complexity and dynamic nature of the industry, our custom solutions help our customers to derive efficient operational decisions and deliver smart services with reduced cost and time. Our consultative approach helps our customers with innovative and proactive strategies, discovering chances to strengthen the supply chain and leveraging our substantial worldwide footprint and data-driven expertise.


Inadequate information

Supply chain provides insufficient and unverified details to their end-users about the products such as time and location, pass-through entities, quality assurance, and many more.

Lack of transparency

In the clinical chain, due to the opacity of the systems, accountability is at pre-defined stakeholders.  

Data insecurity

The effectiveness of the systems recording and collecting the data as well as in accuracy sharing it with the other systems.  

Data inefficiency

Lack in end-to-end integration as well as information coherence as well as lack of reproducibility of data due to inefficient information.   

Limited resources

Lack of systems to track and collect the database. 

Our capabilities

We are now going through a significant digital makeover and things are about to change for better. Cygnet DES's business and technology experts have developed solutions and products that help you maximize growth and offer the best value for the supply chain industry based on their combined experience and knowledge.

Paperless payment

Automate payment on receipt of goods with smart contracts and avoid delays, paperwork, contractual conflicts and expensive litigations 

Regulatory compliance

Distributed ledgers is the near perfect solution that provide ‘read only’ visibility of transactions to regulators without the need of any additional filing 

Decentralized Data

Securely store your data with end-to-end encryption across multiple locations or nodes    

Digital strategy & design

Utilize a design thinking strategy to take advantage of developing business trends, expedite enterprise transformation, and break into new markets 

Intelligent automation

Enhance customer experience, improve employee productivity, and meet the changing needs of the industry  

Data and analytics

Better streamline data and accelerate innovation and production by learning everything about your customers  

Our Service offerings

Software Product Engineering

Ideate, develop, and engineer your processes with next-gen technologies  


Accelerate your digital transformation and seize opportunity by developing and modernizing your consumer experiences 

Cloud & Infrastructure

Leverage our comprehensive cloud consulting and engineering expertise, including cloud strategy, migration, service discovery, and public/private cloud optimization 

Enterprise Application & Integration

Transform the way you modernize, manage, and integrate your application portfolio with our enhanced enterprise application services 

Blockchain Timestamping

Use state-of-the-art Cryptographic algorithms and leverage real-time timestamping

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