For any business, it has become a must to engineer the products, not just upgrade the features. Transforming into a software-driven business and staying ahead of the competition using the latest development paradigms is the prerequisite for every business. The ever-evolving global technology landscape has made organizations focus on customer experience and business outcomes. Software Product Engineering (SPE) is way more than just software product development.

With Cygnet DES as a technology partner, you get the software built by top digital engineering, design and product development talent. At Cygnet DES, we think of software engineering beyond the features and backlogs and focus on the broader aspect of the overall user experience. Our SPE services, along with our innovative software product engineering solutions, are power packed with solid expertise in various technologies and platforms, modern product design, development practices, and digital assurance benchmarks for various software requirements that help reduce investment and turnaround time.

At Cygnet DES, we bring together the talent of strategic ideation, end-to-end product development and personalized modernization to build software that stays on the top!

Why choose Cygnet DES

Identify suitable technology, platform, and architecture design to transform the software product idea into reality

Implement the product and then further customize it based on end-user experiences to address all the requirements and the changing customer expectations

Re-engineer the existing software or migrate it to a new platform or technology to support evolving business needs and increasing customer demands

Certified test engineers with proven manual and automation QA practices ensure rapid delivery of the product while balancing cost and quality

Enable businesses to deliver a high impact experience by reducing time and investment in management of issues and product maintenance

Our offerings

Product Engineering & Re-Engineering

Cygnet Infotech helps software enterprises create next-generation digital products and establish software-centered capabilities with our expertise in product development of 22 years as one of the market leaders in product engineering services.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Gain product quality, reliability, accuracy, and optimization

Streamlining activities to produce a highly profitable product that outperforms the competitors and is sustainable requires different departments, employees, and third parties is a necessity for effective product lifecycle management (PLM).

Whatever stage of its lifecycle your product is in, Cygnet’s PLM services identify it and use the PLM software for managing documents and processes, and integrating designs. We help you manage seasonal fluctuations and reduce waste by forecasting and maximizing supply chain collaboration. It improves the quality and reliability of the product while lowering the prototyping costs by creating a framework for product optimization.

Agility in design strategy

Steer towards the right solution

With increasing market competition, businesses need to produce various products within a short time and on a limited budget. To achieve this, every business needs to have simple, flexible, focused, and robust systems and products that respond fast to the changing market.

At Cygnet DES, our experts provide this strategic agility for product design based on past experiences so that the product design can rapidly and appropriately adapt to or drive change while sustaining its flexibility and focus. We focus on delivering the right thing, to the right people, at the right time, while scaling and developing a sense of ownership, collaboration, and trust in the team members.

Change management

Make your transformation as slick as a whistle

We understand that while transforming digitally, during the development and transition phases, a business must control, support, and manage changes to the artifacts, such as code, process, documentation, and requirements, to reduce the risk associated with organizational change.

At Cygnet DES, we help you smoothly sail through the transformation phase with robust change management tools to ease quick adoption, greater control, change illustration, and change implementation and analysis. Our change management strategies consider the organization design, leadership alignment, stakeholder engagement, training, communication, change readiness and impact assessment.

Data analysis with migration strategy

Effectively handle the intricacies of data migration and analysis

As data forms the backbone of any business, it is essential to migrate and analyze it correctly during the transition phase of product engineering. With the diverse forms of data, migration needs to be done more strategically to prevent data losses and performance blocks.

Our team at Cygnet DES aids the complete migration process through planning, data preparation, migration design, execution, testing, going live, audit, and maintenance. We diligently execute data profiling, data cleansing, data validation, and data quality assurance to make the transition plain sailing in our effort to keep business continuity unaffected during the process.

Digital assurance

Automate and digitally assure your test releases like never before

Businesses need to accelerate digital transformation with industry-focused digital assurance to effectively automate functional, regression and database testing of applications by leveraging out-of-the-box and intelligent features to achieve their digital ambitions.

The strategic approach is just as crucial to the digital transformation journey as technology and people. At Cygnet DES, we help enterprises in their journeys towards digital assurance by adopting a clearly laid quality engineering strategy and solid execution, leveraging our global network of strategic testing relationships to add the much-needed agility to the entire business processes.

Smart inclusion

Gain product optimization

To maintain business continuity during the transition phase, the teams involved in the project and business should have industry background and industry knowledge. They should also have pre-defined KRAs and KPIs to help in the process.

At Cygnet DES, we help businesses by adopting smart and faster training curves to add resources to the project and identifying the right people who are technically correct and fit for the team dynamics.

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