For a retail business to thrive, customer engagement, retention and satisfaction are indispensable. Innovative products, optimized operations and empowered employees can take a retail business to unprecedented heights. By remaining resilient and serving customers to create personalized experiences, a digital ecosystem can balance demand and supply and deliver an omnichannel experience.

At Cygnet DES, we aid retailers in improving and expanding with the right strategy, data and level of agility with digitalization in retail industry. With our skills in machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and unified commerce, we cater to the retail industry’s CRM, ERP, and BI needs.

Our experts with deep industry knowledge assist clients across 11+ countries in service design, demand and supply planning, intelligent retail operations, macro and micro consumer journey mapping, procurement and fulfilment.



As COVID has ruthlessly proven the unprepared market change, the capacity to quickly adapt to these market changes is now an essential power for survival.

Supply chain fragility

We all know how even minor disruptions can cause massive ripple effects and the supply chain is such a domain where external factors such as natural disasters, seasonal storms, power outage and warehouse issues can affect the dynamics.

Last-mile logistics pressure

Customer interaction has massively changed after the pandemic. To allow customers to purchase at brick-and-mortar stores from home and to allow in-store surrogate shoppers to fulfil those orders, newer apps are needed.

Tackling e-commerce

Though retailers have started modifying their selling methods, many of them are still trying to figure out the best strategies to tackle the growing e-commerce demand.

Digitizing customer expectations

Traditional buying is no longer serving the customers. With the growing technology, everyone has become smart and expects a digital solution.

Poor customer data

Collecting and preserving consumer data is essential to being able to comprehend customer buying behavior and provide personalized shopping based on insights, which is necessary to give the amazing experiences that customers want. But even today, a lot of merchants either have outdated or incomplete customer data that they can’t use to gain insights.

Multiple security risks

Consumers today are concerned about how their data is being utilized due to the rise in digital purchasing. Even while the number of people concerned is declining, all customers still have a strong expectation that retailers will safeguard their data.

Our capabilities

A change is coming and we are currently experiencing a massive digital makeover. Based on the combined experience and knowledge, business and technology specialists at Cygnet DES have created solutions and products that maximise growth and provide optimum value for the retail industry.

Unified Commerce

Personalized customer experience through greater segmentation, integration, and analytics

POS: Point-of-sale - Data analytics

A ready to connect Point of Sales solution for the Indian market


Marketplace for B2C businesses for absolute transparency and traceability

Data Engineering & Analytics

Utilize data as a tactical lever to reimagine the customer experience and deconstruct consumer behaviour

AI and ML Strategy

With AI/ML based customization and promotions, make your supply and demand needs more predictable

Back of office

ERP and cloud – right from product selection to implementation to roll out

Our service offerings

Cloud transformation

Reduce TCO & optimize cloud bills through data and infrastructure transformation

Enterprise IT transformation & automation

Transform enterprise with hyper-automation and an automated platform-driven approach

Consulting services

Expedite transformation at the intersection of biz, tech, and experience

Digital signage solution and managed IT services

Ready-to-go solutions and services to lower budget & ensure an efficient & secure IT environment  

Warehouse & inventory management solution

Lower costs and enhance elasticity by bringing together discrete data into one repository

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