Businesses are concentrating on sustaining cash flow to finish ongoing projects as the real estate market is starting to improve. Customer experience is at the heart of the real estate industry’s rehabilitation and revival. The experiences you provide determine customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. In the high safety, minimal contact, increasingly regulated, and entirely digital world, creating a seamless customer experience takes more than a patchwork of technological solutions. Technological investments need to promote business change and give you the right tools to work more efficiently.

Cygnet DES offers real estate enterprises a seamless customer experience in more than 31 countries around the world. Our cutting-edge technological solutions for automation, cloud computing, IT modernization, data analytics, and business intelligence help create the digital ecosystem by slicing through the jumble of unrelated systems and programs to bring digital transformation in real estate. Our professionals, with their core specialization in multidisciplinary IT capabilities, go beyond digital transformation to offer quantifiable business results.


Data security

A significant difficulty is figuring out how to extract and transmit legacy datasets that are incompatible with contemporary technology and how to gradually transition to a modern data centre. 

Limited access to SREs

Real estate experts will need to create and construct intelligent real estate (SRE). Today, almost all technologies are intelligent. Therefore, these SREs ought to have an infinite number of safe, trustworthy, and scalable access points. There cannot be any dead zones or low bandwidth zones in the SREs. 

Right software selection

The appropriate software may significantly simplify the work of real estate professionals. Software selection may be rather difficult, from handling sensitive data securely during document signatures and agreements to selecting an email marketing platform to create leads for your company. 

Employee training

Real estate companies and brokerages frequently overlook that staff need to be taught in the operation of software and hardware as it is accepted in the haste to implement new technology. If they aren’t, technology investments risk being underutilized or deployed incorrectly.

Our capabilities

Delivering 2000+ enterprise-class solutions and products across industries, we at Cygnet DES believe that aiding real estate businesses minimize the effects, enhance growth in the new normal, and recover healthily is our primary commitment.

Customer Experience (CX)

Delivering seamless and consistent customer experiences across multiple touch points in the agent chains

Data management

Smartly manage and secure your customer data across all the platforms

Customer loyalty

In order to boost revenue and generate maximum ROI, we help you build effective and efficient customer loyalty

Cloud compatibility

Winning in the digital age with cloud enabled end-to-end automation for data migration & batch process on the cloud platform

System modernization

Transform your legacy technology and applications into a robust modern ecosystem by redefining, re-executing, and re-validating your solutions

Our service offerings

Digital Transformation

It is crucial to adapt new technologies and transform organizations digitally in order to keep up with the changing global trends


Extend robust digital transformation with the right strategy in a 5G-led connected era

Integration and production support

Various integrations are modernized as per the business requirements and 24*7 support is provided through the allocated team

Business intelligence

Big data implementation is required to model the reports/information and channelize it accordingly

Enterprise IT transformation & automation

Leverage seamless automation security services delivered across SDLC for continuous improvement

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