As your business grows, you must introduce smart quality control methodologies to meet the cultural and procedural changes. Here comes the role of quality automation that not only improves the quality of digital products but is also cost-effective as it streamlines processes and enhances the business’s bottom line.

While there may be a range of solutions available to ensure quality, adapting to the right solution or combination of solutions, such as manual testing, penetration testing, performance and security testing, bigdata and analytic testing, customer experience testing, and specialized testing, is key to your business’s success.

We, at Cygnet DES, provide service quality assurance by leveraging AI, DevOps, automation, and other technologies to optimize release cycles and enabling organizations to successfully build and deliver high-quality digital products in a timely and efficient manner. Our quality assurance selenium expertise extends QA automation in the product development life cycle. Our expert team offers quality as a service to tailor-make comprehensive quality engineering solutions to address new-age challenges of business imperatives.

Our flagship code-less automation product, TestingWhiz, specializes in functional automation of web application & API testing for robust testing of the transformation and migration from monolithic to microservice application.

Why choose Cygnet DES

A global team of 150 experienced experts with expertise in the most recent testing and automation tools and frameworks

ISTQB Certified QA Professionals having expertise in industry leading platforms & tools

Proven process and methodologies for quick product delivery with increased coverage and quality

14+ years of successful QA practice across multiple domains

75% certified professionals

200+ projects delivered successfully across different industries

Well-defined strategies and methodologies that aim to meet quality and performance standards

Hands-on expertise in identifying and implementing the right tools and technologies to support the on-time delivery of quality releases

The outcomes we deliver

Accelerated release cycle by 75% and test cycle by 40%

In-Sprint automation yielding 40% savings

Test automation optimization with AI-based strategies by 35%

Feature velocity gain of 20% with agile-driven CI-CD-CT implementations

Our offerings

Cygnet DES proposes various data driven products and services, conceptualizing AI/ML technologies into the business operations to attain the essential parameters.

Smart Quality Control

A business can increase its operational efficiency, reduce testing costs, increase user satisfaction, and enhance functionality and security by detecting and preventing defects in the product lifecycle at their early stages.

Cygnet DES’s smart quality control services ensure the production of quality applications and products which attract more customers for a business and increase its sales. Our comprehensive test plan includes optimal coverage of various test settings and proper use of resources. We use the shift-left strategy to provide end-to-end quality control services that include requirement gathering, business report, manual and automated testing, unit testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, integration testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing. Our high-level test matrices help in identifying modules that may be impacted if the requirement changes in large-scale projects.

Our experts aim for user satisfaction with enhanced functionality and security to provide a bug-free product. The complete smart quality control cycle begins with requirement collection and ends with monitoring and analyzing the product for defects and errors. Our functional testing services include early bug detection, which assists organizations in producing high-quality, defect-free software.

Customer Experience Testing

A business must be customer-centric to be successful and the customer’s digital experience determines their loyalty. This makes customer experience testing vital before the release of the product.

At Cygnet DES, we deploy different connection qualities or virtual network simulations to test functional scenarios to check the consistency and reliability of the product across different infrastructures. We test the performance of the product in the production environment and perform functional testing while the load is occurring.

Our tech experts track the product use patterns and conduct ongoing performance sessions to monitor product performance continuously. Our customers benefit from the products that have undergone beta testing, cross-device and cross-browser testing, and backend database testing. CX surveys are used in addition to crowd testing and crowd run load sessions to know customer expectations and mindsets.

Big Data and Analytic Testing

As a business grows, the amount of data needs to handle also grows. Managing this huge data with end-to-end testing in optimum testing environments requires a robust testing strategy. This high-value, high-volume, high-variety, and high-velocity data may be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.

At Cygnet DES, our skilled experts deploy different robust tools for testing automation with ready-to-use processes that validate data movement through data validation, process validation, and outcome validation. We perform functional, non-functional, and data analytics testing while testing big data. Our functional big data testing includes architectural testing that tests data ingestion, data processing, and data storage; migration techniques that include pre-migration testing, migration testing, and post-migration testing; and big data ecosystem testing.

With the use of proper big data and analytics testing strategy we ensure that your data is transferred from heterogenous sources to a central data warehouse while it strictly complies with transformation rules and validity checks through ETL testing. This helps our customers with decision-making, data accuracy, improved business strategy for enhanced market goals, minimum losses and increased revenues, seamless integration, and reduced total quality cost.

Performance & Load Testing

A business can validate features of software, detect bugs early, increase application usability, and improve load capability using performance and load testing. Without effective performance and load testing, a business is more vulnerable to slowdown and failures as it may not be responsive and stable under varied workload conditions. This can directly impact revenue, customer experience, and employee productivity.

At Cygnet DES, we solve all critical digital challenges to enhance user experience across systems, reduce cycle time by early identification and resolution of issues, improve optimization and load capability, accelerate delivery cycle, and reduce intrinsic business risks with our end-to-end performance and load testing services.

Our tech wizards perform load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, spike testing, scalability testing, and volume testing to perform the holistic performance testing of the product. Our extensive performance testing process includes gathering and reviewing the application requirements, communication plan, and performance quality risk analysis. This is followed by identifying the workload, test scenario, sleep time, and the risk and mitigation plan to set up the test environment and master data to create performance test scripts and do quality control of the test. Finally, we execute the performance test scripts to collect and analyze performance metrics and present the performance test report to our customers.

Specialized Testing

Saving time and money while reducing downtime and protecting the business from external attacks are the priorities for any growing business.

At Cygnet DES, we provide specialized testing services to meet the scaling needs of emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), cloud, and blockchain. Our specialist testing services are critical for providing solutions to contemporary testing difficulties by combining proven methodologies and processes, experience and best practices, and best-in-class tools.

Our QA experts specialize in crowd testing, ETL testing, and migration testing and aim to achieve increased agility, increased test optimization, greater operational efficiency, and higher savings for your business.

Security Testing

Cybersecurity is an important asset for every business in the rapidly digitizing world as cyberattacks are rapidly increasing. A business may face threats from unencrypted data, ransomware and malware, cloud providers, insecure third-party vendors and services, phishing and spoofing, hardware used for IoT. Periodic and thorough vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is thus needed to keep business data and information safe.

At Cygnet DES, we perform automated vulnerability tests and ethical hacking tests or human-led penetration tests. Our experts perform a systematic review of the weaknesses in the servers and hosts, databases, networks and wireless infrastructure, applications (internal and external), and cloud infrastructure security.

We identify critical systems, gather information, select plugins/scripts, schedule scans, identify vulnerability, and analyze and report results for testing the security of your products. Our custom services include threat modelling, security audit, static analysis, dynamic analysis, and penetration testing. Our specialty security testing services comprise packaged application security testing, a security testing center of excellence, and a mobile lab for security testing. We also specialize in security consultancy services application-level threat assessment.

Quality Automation

Evolving digital ecosystem requires applications to be smarter, reliable, and flawless, making application testing a crucial part of the business strategy. The quality of the application in terms of performance, functionality and usability distinguishes businesses from others.

Automation of the testing processes increases speed and efficiency with early detection of defects, better test coverage, reduced human error, increased reusability, and economy of time and money.

Our quality automation services at Cygnet DES offer a meticulous approach towards eliminating pesky bugs, compliance with industry-specific standards and regulations, enhancing speed and agility to market, while providing differentiated user experiences. Our experts achieve in-sprint automation to automate regression testing, web application testing, cross-browser testing, database testing, web services testing, and mobile application testing.

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