The recent unanticipated events have heightened the extreme levels of disruption in the media and entertainment industry. Traditional print and linear business models are having trouble making profits and being competitive. The sector is rapidly switching to digital business models and changing gears at the highest speed.

Online content streaming, online gaming, and virtual attendance at events are all growing trends among consumers. With digital transformation in media and entertainment industry, there is a demand to advance more quickly and restructure the entire supply chain from content development and delivery to consumption.

At Cygnet DES, we offer digital transformation solutions at scale to collaborate with broadcasters, publishers, gamers, out-of-home services, advertising agencies, and sports and entertainment companies as a business transformation partner.

Our expertise encompasses OTT quality assurance, engineering for the content supply chain, cloud broadcasting, audience data hubs, and reliability engineering. These are already assisting businesses in overcoming uncertainty, providing rich adaptive experiences, and succeeding in the new normal.


Content piracy or plagiarism

With the rise of streaming/broadcasting services, media & entertainment channels now face a greater risk of having their content unlawfully captured and distributed, which results in a loss of revenue. Many users take advantage of the ability to screenshot and record the screen on a smartphone or personal computer to capture content on their devices.

Lack of customer inclusivity

By providing information and entertainment that people desire to watch, media and entertainment organizations may stand out from the competition. They must gain a deeper understanding of their consumer in order to accomplish this, including when and how customers choose content and products. Many of these businesses lack the tools and resources necessary to create distinctive client profiles, which would enable better overall personalization of content development and distribution.

Data privacy & security

Individuals have privacy concerns disclosing their personal information online and as a result, people are becoming more cautious about security and concerned about how firms are using their personal data to create content.

Lower penetration of high-speed internet

Today, a significant portion of the content that is presented to the public is done via internet. Broadband at a high speed is necessary to make this possible. High-speed internet service adoption rates, however, haven’t been particularly outstanding globally because they are largely confined to metro areas. 

Our capabilities

Cygnet DES provides solutions across all of the media & entertainment service lines. We construct client's 360 degree platforms to offer individualized services, give reliability at scale to content organizations, deploy media supply chains in the cloud for agility and flexibility, and streamline media operations.

Quality Assurance for OTT

With QA stack tests for components including content service & types, distribution architectures, consumer premise equipment, device types, OS systems & applications, we provide comprehensive monitoring solutions for the whole OTT pipeline, from content ingestion to consumption.

Broadcasting operations on cloud

We help traditional SDI-based hardwired broadcasters transition to the Cloud, embrace its advantages, and help provide better visibility on Cloud while maintaining operations, allowing them to concentrate on their core broadcast business.

Metadata management and rights

The main pillars of the solution, which were designed to satisfy the changing needs of media companies, are supported by the Salesforce platform. Salesforce offers a well-rounded ecosystem for enabling rights and metadata management workflows within media firms due to its acquisitions of Tableau and Mulesoft.

Cloud native

Our cloud native services assist companies in accelerating innovation and enhancing efficiency by achieving guaranteed faster speed to market, and improved customer satisfaction and retention. 

Salesforce CPQ

Streamline your quote-to-billing process with Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to unite sales and finance on a single platform and save time-to-market and resources by using guided selling solution configurations.

Mobile game testing

Expedite game quality assurance on a global scale across platforms, APIs, operating systems, security requirements, and other various production-ready factors.

Our service offerings

Digital Transformation

It is crucial to adapt new technologies and transform organizations digitally in order to keep up with the changing global trends

Cloud services

Winning in the digital age with cloud enabled end-to-end automation for data migration & batch process on the cloud platform

Managed Reliability Engineering Management (REM)

With a media domain-centric perspective, a cloud native application and infrastructure modernization plan, and integrated devSecOps, we guarantee comprehensive reliability across apps, services, and infrastructures

Business intelligence

Big data implementation is required to model the reports/information and channelize it accordingly

Enterprise IT transformation & automation

Leverage seamless automation security services delivered across SDLC for continuous improvement

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