IT infrastructure is the foundation that supports physical and virtual systems or resources to boost the productivity and revenue of a business. The lack of powerful computing platforms and efficient data storage architectures, improper networks and connectivity, poor data acquisition and analytics resources, and compute supply and management are some significant IT infrastructure challenges that haunt businesses. A simplified and reliable IT infrastructure keeps your organization competitive and is vital to the modern workplace.

IT infrastructure services at Cygnet DES serve as a foundation of the business ecosystem to manage and support the resources and receive agile productization. Our IT infrastructure solutions enable the collection, filtering, and storage of huge data using high-speed networks, high-performance computing resources, and cloud storage. Our team uses distributive systems that virtualize resources, support computations across multiple administrative domains, and speed up processes. Cygnet DES also delivers modernized and extensive experience in the technology approach required by organizations.

Why choose Cygnet DES

We use the technology-first approach

Cygnet DES has extensive experience in IT infrastructure

Engineering DNA

We have modernization experience with different industries

Cygnet DES caters to the needs for rapid productization

The outcomes we deliver

Simplification and successful deployment of business processes

Rapid response to disruptions and reduced downtime

Automated and streamlined processes to increase productivity

Enhanced customer satisfaction and overall business performance

Strengthened networks to boost agility and save costs

Our offerings

IT Infrastructure

  • Managed Infrastructure Services

    Businesses need to expedite digital transformation with stable IT infrastructure. Cygnet DES’s managed infrastructure service offers comprehensive management and monitoring of on-premises, cloud, and IT infrastructure. Our MIS helps enhance operational agility, reduce risk, and optimize cloud and technology infrastructure investments.

  • On-premises/cloud infra management

    Cygnet DES team is experienced and equipped with smart management of on-premises as well as cloud infrastructure management. We provide a full range of infrastructure management services to meet the needs of small businesses, midmarket companies, and large enterprises. Our network and server performance monitoring solutions provide real-time visibility into your servers, networks, and applications. The process helps you identify issues quickly, respond proactively, and improve business operations.

  • Microsoft 365 services management

    After you are on the cloud, everything you might require is offered to our office 365 services management. Starting from service communications, service upgrades, administration, and monitoring, we offer expert Microsoft 365 services to guide you through each step. We offer proactive Microsoft 365 management, planning, monitoring, and reporting.

  • Network and server performance monitoring

    With the technology industry developing rapidly, IT is no longer just a part of the back office; it is instead one of the main methods used by organizations. At Cygnet DES, we believe that the network is the backbone of every business. Whether it is an enterprise-level business or a startup, the absence of a network can cause a considerable amount of damage.

Security & Compliance

Detect, prevent, and manage IT infrastructure threats and keep the security of your environment as the priority. Our team of experts will unveil the weaknesses and security gaps existing in the organization and guide you through the ways to tackle the issues with ease.

  • Security audit
  • Data encryption
  • Intrusion detection & prevention
  • Log management
  • Antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware
  • Procedure & policy definition
  • Software/product license compliance consulting
  • Information & data security audit


Cygnet DES proposes consultation services empowering organizations to design, build, run and manage a scalable, flexible and reliable IT infrastructure as it is the backbone of any business, delivering IT services and solutions to employees, partners, and customers.

IT Infrastructure Design & Implementation

IT infrastructure is a fundamental source upon which IT systems are structured. Cygnet DES ensures that it is reliable, scalable, and persistent throughout the connections. The speed with which information travels is critical. However, promoting this flow of information, whether it be from irrespective source of data, requires structured expertise and professionalism while designing as well as implementing the same.

Network Design & Implementation

IT networks are the foundation of today’s communication infrastructures. At Cygnet DES, businesses can efficiently integrate and implement stable and seamless network solutions which helps the organizations to reduce network complexities, boosting service awareness, and enhancing the development capabilities.

Asset (Hardware & Software) Management

Every business has a specific department for asset management, involved in manual operations to record the data, which can be daunting and time-consuming. Cygnet DES provides a framework for cataloging, tracking, and maintaining an organization’s technology assets. Our asset management software allows organizations to easily align the hardware and software inventory, asset owners and assignments, and location information in one place.

Backup & Recovery

Backup is mandatory to protect the data from primary data loss and corruption. Cygnet DES stores a copy of the data to protect it from various threats and damage. Organizations enable required technological solutions to secure and retain their data for business and compliance reasons to automate and support this backup and recovery process.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Resiliency is the new catchword for organizations facing an array of threats, from natural disasters to the latest round of cyberattacks. A comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) retaliation plan is key to business resistance and the organization’s survival during such times. Cygnet DES’s main objective is to limit the risk and secure the organization after an unexpected interruption to manage the crisis.

IT Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Cygnet DES plays a vital part in IT infrastructure providers organization-wide. The complex IT infrastructure requires efficient monitoring, which involves diagnosing performance and availability issues across the entire technology stack in order to take accurate measures before the problem becomes critical. This includes proactive audits, monitoring of the IT infrastructure environment, technical support, and other operational requisites.

Procedure & Policy Definition

Defining the policies and procedures is mandatory for a seamless and efficient organization with less conflict and rework. It resonates with the foundation of Cygnet DES as it is the convention we adhere to. Cygnet DES provides effective systems and software to facilitate policies catering to the bigger picture and procedure for a detailed individual process for organizations across.

Platform License Renewal & Version Upgrade

Cygnet DES offers an end-to-end platform for license renewal whenever and wherever required. In addition, the organization can also generate and secure their licenses from our portals and seamlessly track and manage the documentation. We also help organizations with version upgrades as we have a certified IT infrastructure, including various systems and software.


Keep your availability at any time with the finest maintenance process available 24*7.

  • IT infra management, monitoring, & alerting system
  • 24*7*365 L1, L2, L3 IT support
  • Dedicated helpdesk & onsite support

Partner Ecosystem

We ensure to be a domain expert and bring in technology expertise to build the right solution and IT road map for our clients.

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