How we interact with the people and things around us is changing as a result of technology. Tech companies are important enablers and are continually differentiating themselves by investing in AI-infused platforms, hyperscale cloud native services, a variety of intelligent edge devices, IoT and subscription economies to be the supreme partner of choice for businesses, governments, institutions, and societies. To provide new features and products to consumers more quickly, companies are quickening the development lifecycle on the consumer side as well.

Born as a digital organization and a partner for technology companies, Cygnet DES has developed organically, establishing a concrete foundation anchored cutting-edge digital services and engineering competence. We have made investments in the greatest talent, products, and partner ecosystem because know the needs of our tech clients. One of these investments is deep product engineering expertise, which may be applied to silicon, systems, platforms, or cloud services. The complete product life cycle, including conception, development & quality engineering, release, support, and sustenance, is supported by us today by a few technology industry leaders.


Total cost of ownership (TCO) and IT overhead

Moving to the cloud and implementing the SaaS model are intended to reduce upfront costs and increase recurring income. However, the switch comes at a price, including infrastructure changes, the need for third-party tools and solutions, and spending money on R&D to build platform-independent applications.   

Migrating from servers to the cloud

The length of time required to complete a cloud migration varies depending on the complexity involved, the degree to which the firm and the cloud service provider collaborate, as well as the provider’s track record and pace. The migration can be finished in a few weeks, but it typically takes a full year or longer. 

Security & compliance

For ISVs, keeping up with the frequently occurring worldwide cyberattacks and the changing threat landscape is a constant challenge. Shared IT infrastructures and multi-tenant cloud designs may present even higher security risks. 

Having an inadequate testing framework

ISVs may encounter challenges carrying out appropriate testing at all pertinent stages of the software development process for a variety of reasons. These include limited resources, particularly for smaller vendors; need for accelerated delivery, which leaves ISVs with less time for testing; and unanticipated obstacles in the development process.


ISVs frequently struggle to achieve their productivity targets due to a variety of third-party technologies and complex IT systems. Typically, administrators are overworked with complicated configurations, constant user support, and user monitoring while juggling a plethora of tools and applications. 

Our capabilities

With its seamless services, Cygnet DES helps independent software vendors (ISVs) launch products faster. It also focuses on product modernization, which helps you update and improve your goods and solutions for the digital economy, as well as product support and maintenance.

Product implementation & innovation

Make use of our in-depth experience working with product companies to create services that are extremely specific to the innovative and agile business models that ISVs desire to pursue

Platform & device engineering

In order to boost revenue and service levels, we offer complete platform & device engineering services that encompass the whole technology stack over the course of the entire product lifecycle

Cloud compatibility

Winning in the digital age with cloud enabled end-to-end automation for data migration & batch process on the cloud platform

Product modernization

With our well-defined methodology and knowledge base of multi-tenancy architecture, UI modifications, and business model transformations, our ISV engineering services offer expertise in implementing custom modifications that safeguards smooth integration within our customers’ existing infrastructure. These modifications are tailored for each project plan to establish alignment with our clients’ processes

Our service offerings

Digital Transformation

It is crucial to adapt new technologies and transform organizations digitally in order to keep up with the changing global trends

Product Engineering Services

Create products that are future-proof by utilizing innovative IP and engineering services to lower risks and improve consumer experiences

Product support & maintenance

To swiftly develop or improve engineering teams, our product support (L1-L3) services offer quick access to a wide group of highly qualified, travel-ready resources across numerous geographies

Business intelligence

Big data implementation is required to model the reports/information and channelize it accordingly

Enterprise IT Transformation & Automation

Leverage seamless automation security services delivered across SDLC for continuous improvement

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