Businesses grow when they are connected and adapt to the environment. The same is applicable to the internet of things (IoT); any business can set up an ecosystem that has the ability to interact with its environments or each other to act as a unified entity for making a job or process easy. As devices started communicating to simplify complex human activities in industrial or closed ecosystems using IoT solutions; data in the form of information has achieved new meaning.

A business can get real-time information with IoT devices that optimize workflows, help forecasting, and lower operating costs. This, in turn, increases coordination, productivity, and workplace safety. It is also possible to track, aggregate, and analyze customer data faster than before to enhance customer experience and gain business insights for decision-making and revenue growth.

At Cygnet DES, we engage with our customers at the strategic level to provide IoT as a service with the help of intelligent devices that use embedded systems such as processors, sensors and communication hardware. These embedded systems collect, send, and act on data they acquire from their environments and decide on the next steps with and without human intervention. Our understanding of data and the ability to cleanse and process it in real-time helps customers to get meaningful information to act on or build on.

Why choose Cygnet DES

Unlock exponential value of your business framework

Enhance your data strategy with data and analytics from connected devices

Leverage connected ecosystems and solutions for growth

Analyze historical data and access live data to act on it

Monitor overall business processes with interconnected devices

Enhance decision-making ability with augmented intelligence for business

Achieve architectural excellence with open, lightweight MQTT or HTTP

Scale your business with quick, automated actions

The outcomes we deliver

Establishing a connected environment with existing devices

Cloud integration for faster IoT implementation

Creation of next-generation connected smart devices

Pattern identification and strategic value addition

Onboarding new devices with quick connectors

Enhanced monitoring and device control

New, innovative industry-specific product development

Enhanced employee productivity and customer experience

Cost-efficient, adaptive, and integrated business models

Sub offerings

Industrial IoT

The power of smart machines can be used to capture data in real-time. This can then be communicated and utilized to drive businesses swiftly and more accurately.

Cygnet DES is an IoT services provider that caters to the needs of industrial IoT ecosystems for multiple industries. This includes enterprise asset management, facilities management, and system engineering through connected devices that can detect, communicate and store their own data; communication infrastructure that may be public or private; analytical tools used by businesses to gather and interpret raw data; and storage of data collected from IoT devices.

Consumer IoT

An interconnected system of physical and digital objects, personally used by a consumer, that covers multiple user’s networks for various purposes forms the consumer IoT ecosystem.

Cygnet DES provides IoT installation services smart ecosystem to connect devices in new ways, and exchange data from different domains uniformly to drive the system into the state the user wants. This includes smart home IoT devices ranging from home automation products like smart kitchens and smart locks to facial recognition and speech recognition technology.

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