As businesses look to leverage automation tools to mitigate functional and process silos, the focus on end-to-end automation is on the rise. Hyperautomation ranks as one of the top strategic trends that harness the power of multiple technologies and accomplish end-to-end automation. Also, business challenges are ever-evolving, and automation has no boundaries. Getting rule-based process automation (RPA) bots with artificial intelligence (AI) capability doesn’t help unless your workflow is continuously updated, trained, and judged by the mixture of human intelligence and AI.

We, at Cygnet Infotech, offer solutions comprising a range of capabilities such as hyperautomation RPA services, intelligent document processing (IDP), intelligent business process management suites (iBPMS), integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), process mining, and AI with the expertise to maintain train serve and integrate them in right proportion based on your needs. As an experienced hyperautomation solution provider, Cygnet has developed a service portfolio based on the best strategy, proprietary frameworks, and methodologies derived from scaled engagement delivered to our customers.

We ask the right questions to target the right domain and use the right data for the right platform to achieve the right outcomes by strategizing, process designing, and deploying production-ready solutions in the production environment. We have developed AutomationWhiz and deploy on-demand or ready-to-deploy bots from the CyBot store.

Why choose Cygnet Infotech

To assess processes and business ROI strategically for re-engineering and creating a roadmap

To implement platform installation and process automation through Center of Excellence (CoE)

To keep your platform upgraded and avail timely production support

To use on-demand and ready-to-deploy bots

To enhance automation using accelerator services

To leverage skilled resources

The outcomes we deliver

Digital operating model

Straight-through processing

Closer to compliance

Lean, simplified processes

Variable costs and capacity

Increased capacity for growth

Predictable throughput and quality

Training of enterprise ML models

Our offerings

Automation consulting and discovery

Our automation experts are responsible for ensuring that our client chooses the most relevant automation solution during the discovery and consulting phase.

RPA/Bots as a service

Fast-track your business process automation with our RPA, which allows you to browse and download ready-to-deploy software bots based on business functions, process types, or other attributes.

Intelligent document processing

Extract, organize, and process complex content into document form smartly and automatically with our intelligent document processing services

Business process automation

Automate your business processes and improve efficiency and accuracy. Our business process automation services will help you digitize and automate the workflows.

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