There have been significant transformations in healthcare, and it has become inevitable to stay abreast with the latest technology and implement it to meet the healthcare goals of enhancing patient and provider experience, attaining better health outcomes, and bringing down the cost of care.

Healthcare organizations are adapting new technology to converge these goals for:

  • Procedures and processes
  • Streamlining workflows ranging from appointment scheduling to treatment and follow-ups
  • Collecting data accurately
  • Managing the records securely and efficiently
  • Billing and budgeting using insights and forecasts
  • Managing inventory and staff

At Cygnet DES, we combine our deep domain experience, flexible operating model, and integrated IT solutions to help you enhance patient encounters with digital transformation in healthcare. This improves patient outcomes using the appropriate digital platforms, methods, insights, and experiences. Additionally, we help enhance the provider experience and boost population health by lowering the cost of providing care that can change a patient’s life.


Adaptation challenge of new technology

Implementing new technology is not an easy process. There are many competing solutions and options on the market, and it can be difficult to assess which option will best suit an organization’s specific needs.   

Limited budget

According to healthcare industry leaders, funding and budgetary constraints is the number one challenge to achieving the organization’s innovation and transformation goals. 

Data storage and security

Major challenge faced is security breaches and administrative operations of unsecured data or confidential information.

Multi-media-stimulated operation for surgeons training

Preserving data and providing educational content is a challenge for healthcare industry. 

Our capabilities

Digitally optimise operations using our cloud-powered, cutting-edge platform-led, experience-focused, product-centric, data-driven, and consumer-first approach. Through our digital first efforts, we help you improve patient experiences and health outcomes while accelerating enterprise growth.

Industry expertise

Recognizing the distinct operational, technological, and business needs of healthcare enterprises across the value chain

Proven methodologies and best practices

Implementing proven methodologies to technology-neutral use cases and requirements while recommending the best possible solutions 

Using technology innovation as a differentiator

Possessing knowledge of important technologies that are reshaping the healthcare industry and utilizing best practices for application modernization and integration of external solution providers such as AWS,, SAP, Microsoft, and many other organizations are part of our key relationships

Connecting payers, providers and patients

Our knowledge of digital transformation and enthusiasm for innovation fuel the healthcare industry’s success and yield measurable results

Eliminating technical debt and becoming an agile organization

To create a highly responsive, secure, and lean organization, APIs, micro services, DevOps, automation, and cloud migration are all intertwined and implemented. We help create an agile business model and technology architecture for your company

Innovation lab

Demonstrating innovation by putting new technologies like blockchain, natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, chatbots, and other disruptive technologies to the test in our digital customer and innovation labs

Application modernization and cloud migration

Modernizing your applications with inventive, realistic, and tested thought leadership can help you reduce risk and support disruptive efforts. Healthcare is currently embracing cloud computing for applications and data lakes at an unprecedented rate. Our migration strategies will bring you there with more quality and security

Embracing data and analytics as tools for survival

With expertise in MDM, data governance, business intelligence, analytics, and cloud-based data lakes housing structured and unstructured data, our well-known enterprise information management team can handle every facet of your data requirements

Our service offerings

Digital Transformation

It is crucial to adapt new technologies and transform organizations digitally in order to keep up with the changing global trends

Development & maintenance

Various assistance is provided through developing and maintaining the systems as per the business requirements

Business intelligence

Big data implementation is required to model the reports/information and channelize it accordingly

Database administration

Where there is a bulky database, administration becomes essential to manage and secure it seamlessly


The educational content is ingested to showcase it through multiple operations

Integration and production Support

Various integrations are modernized as per the business requirements and 24*7 support is provided through the allocated team

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