The education industry has moved online very quickly. While schools, colleges, and corporates continue with face-to-face traditional learning methods, digital education has become an integral part of the education process. This digital transformation in education will boost online education and elearning.

This digital shift in education brings the advantages of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and time efficiency. It also has its set of challenges in the form of technology issues, a sense of isolation, lack of focus, increased screen time, lack of updated materials/ curriculum, and lack of customization based on study habits and the grasping capacity of individual students.

We, at Cygnet DES, scale technology in education by providing flexible solutions for data handling and processing, ensuring the security of the cloud, and planning for long-term resilience. Our software solutions enable automation, bandwidth, management, authorization, security, interference, privacy, contention, and training over the internet.

We help our clients execute a personalized and interactive learning experience that provides performance visibility to educators with the right apps at the right place and time. Our experts aid in implementing virtual and augmented reality for students, and with new sensors and devices, we implement IoT on campus.


Online forums

A growing education institute requires the capability to build an LMS with virtual classrooms that would support one-to-one tuition as well as online classrooms, seeing through the growing demand due to pandemic situations.

Lack of clarity & motivation

e-Learning can cause a negative effect which is often called “lost on the internet.” On the other hand, students that are used to getting additional motivation in class may feel isolated.

Decreased knowledge retention

Educators may find out that their efforts don’t bring the desired results if they fail to incorporate microlearning into their online courses.

Online Learning Management portals

Simple and concise flow to keep track and manage the data.

Our capabilities

Cygnet DES provides business solutions in over 35 countries around the world. Through our capabilities, we construct client’s end-to-end platforms to give individualized services, offer reliability at scale for education enterprises, implement knowledge supply chains in the cloud for agility and flexibility, and streamline operations.

Smart learning environment

Build a digitally connected learning environment with enhanced experience, driving operational efficiency and providing accessible education anywhere and anytime.

Cloud management

Utilize a cloud computing on-demand service paradigm to enable resources with high scalability and dynamic configuration.

Decentralized data

Securely store your data with end-to-end encryption across multiple locations or nodes.

Intelligent automation learning

A sensor-based system that converts physical stimuli into digital data for analysis and use in making decisions.

Learning modernization

Extend product life, retain customers, and enhance product experience by modernizing legacy products.

Mobile learning

Mobile-first microlearning platform to help you outperform in every field.

Our service offerings

Web-based LMS applications

Web-based LMS application that acts as a collaboration platform between various user groups – administrators, educational centers, and students

Super administrator portals

The concept of super administrator is curated to maintain and track the activities/data

CSS styles

CSS can be updated and customized as per the client’s business requirements

Microlearning modules

The interactive micro-learning modules will encourage the participants to be active and motivated

Blockchain Timestamping

Use state-of-the-art Cryptographic algorithms and leverage real-time timestamping

Superior Salesforce experience

With Salesforce solutions that are built specifically for business needs, transform your digital value chain

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