Though digital transformation is critical for any business to thrive in the current market scenario, it is not simple. For digitalization of all areas, a business must have a multifaceted approach to meet the complex challenges of transforming digitally while increasing customer satisfaction, driving data-based insights, increasing agility, using robust digital tools and strategies, and enabling high-quality user experience.

We, at Cygnet Infotech, provide digital transformation solutions that encourage collaboration, improve communication, limit human error, and enable software monetization. Our expert digital transformation services build connected ecosystems across the enterprise and develop smart systems by leveraging emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and hyperautomation to encourage an environment of employee excellence by increasing operational efficiency and enabling future digital growth.

Our tech experts strengthen security and business profitability by creating a technology framework to funnel data collection, get data-driven customer insights, and strengthen resource management. With digital transformation consulting, we increase efficiency and obtain a competitive advantage for your business.

Why choose Cygnet Infotech

Industry & domain experts

Customer business understanding is our strength. We boost your mission with expert technology consulting and end-to-end development needs.

All your needs under one roof

We provide 360-degree development capabilities from running a data center to security audits of software applications.

Tackle enterprise challenges smartly

We create connected and smart software products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Strategic alignment

A robust governance model is at the core of our service delivery to enable us to deliver with speed and transparency.

Technical and business growth

Re-write legacy software products to a modern technology stack that moves business.

Early adoption

We scale your business to thrive in the market competition using a consultative, customer-centric approach. Our solutions range from standalone bespoke development and managed services to building connected ecosystems across the enterprise and developing smart systems by leveraging emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and hyperautomation.

The outcomes we deliver

Assessment of the need for digital transformation

Evaluation of the current state of digital readiness

Discovery and documentation of the present state impediments across people, data, technology, and process

Envisioning the future state of a digital enterprise, operational model as well as the strategic goals and market trends

Elaboration of the detailed feature listing, list the business change and approaches

Conceptualization and orchestration of target architecture, technical stack, process design

Creation of data foundation block, setting base projects, packages, and optimized and flexible processes

Creating POC by adopting fast to fail method and leveraging code-less accelerators available

Creating milestones for the modules with deliverable targets that can be seen by business

Progressive increment in technology by identifying, planning, building, testing, and release

Our offerings

Monolithic to Microservice

A business can seamlessly streamline business processes, optimize resources, and enhance collaboration by migrating from monolithic to microservices. AI-driven systems, which include smart decision-making and automation of processes, help a business seize emerging opportunities, future-proof business, and scale rapidly.

We empower businesses to assess the current stage of digital readiness and the need to make a shift to micro trends and technology advancement from standalone data and platforms to connected ecosystems and smart systems incrementally. By moving to microservices architecture, we enable different teams to work on various products and smoothly deploy services.

Our customers have experienced a boost in scalability, decreased downtime due to fault isolation, easier deployment and maintenance, enhanced flexibility, productivity, communication, and security by adopting microservices.

Discovery & Envision

For a business, digital transformation is a complex process, and all the efforts can go waste if not appropriately planned. A discovery-driven approach provides a vision of where the business wants to go and how it should work its way towards it by continually finding opportunities to digitize problematic processes in its core operations.

We discover and document the present state impediments across people, data, technology, and processes. Our experts envision the future state of a digital enterprise, operational model, strategic goals, and market trends to conceptualize target architecture, technical stack, and process design.

Our customers benefit from our detailed feature listing and defined listing of business changes and approaches.


Digitalization boosts the efficiency, productivity, agility, customer experience, communication, employee morale, and transparency of a business. It also decreases operational costs while speeding decision-making and enhancing the business’s competitive advantage.

At Cygnet DES, our experts understand the needs and goals of the business and create data foundation blocks to set base projects, packages, and optimized and flexible processes. We make the best use of data to gain insights and save costs and time by implementing automation to monitor the processes continuously.

Our customers benefit from enhanced innovation as we free up human intellect and increase collaboration and communication for more meaningful engagement.

POC and Prototyping

A business is most likely to face problems organizing product development and promoting software ideation due to overestimation of capabilities, limited resources, and lack of understanding of the goal by the team. It can avoid all these problems by validating the concept timely and developing an early model.

At Cygnet DES, we create POC by adopting the fast-to-fail method and leveraging the available codeless accelerators. We create milestones for the modules with deliverable targets that a business can realize.

Our tech wizards use the progressive incremental development methodology to identify, plan, build, test, and release the products. We keep repeating this for the best results.

Business and commercial transformation

Even for businesses that already rule their markets, business transformation is necessary to adapt to the constantly shifting environment. Although it’s a difficult task, Cygnet DES’s business transformation experts can assist clients in improving their chances.

Cygnet DES assists executives in turning their companies’ upside potential into significant performance gains, strengthening their organizations to compete in the future, and delivering rapid, visible, and sustainable step-change improvements in business performance. The transformation specialists at Cygnet DES are committed to their clients’ long-term development and have a track record of success.

No matter where our customers are on their transformation journeys, our business transformation experts work side by side with them to change the course of their business.

Cost bases transformation

True cost transformation entails streamlining, refocusing, and fortifying your business so you can pursue expansion and deliver superior customer experience. A business needs to build, recognize, and constantly enhance a sustainable cost management culture that is comprehensive and adaptable.

In support of a unique business strategy, we at Cygnet DES assist you in enabling or developing a scalable financial or business platform to drive development and investment in core capabilities. You can enhance business operations with the assistance of our professionals by implementing disruptive cost techniques like automation and cognitive solutions to enable agile business strategies and provide the conditions for success in a changing market environment.

Consulting & Advisory

The technology consulting and advisory services at Cygnet DES assist businesses in leveraging technology and innovation to develop their technology visions, carry out their digital transformation initiatives, and reimagine their industries to maximize the value of their technology investments.

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