Businesses want controlled speed with smooth upgrades for shifting to continuous delivery and empowering security in their modernization or development journey. The DevOps era has been revolutionary, helping enterprises deploy workloads seamlessly. With technological evolution, application delivery has shifted from large-scale, service-based implementation to continuous evolution.

DevOps implementation and adoption has led to a significant transformation in enterprise computing. Integrating security as a code within DevOps helps in secure application delivery.

With Cygnet DES, you can speed up your operations while lowering costs by smartly including emerging technologies, improving efficiency, and shortening the release management cycle. Improve throughput, create robust systems and shorten the time to market.

Our devoted teams offer DevOps consulting services that bridge your development and operation teams to advance the current project and implement the best strategies. We promote an environment where “all things code” are valued, resulting in concord in cloud operations. Our DevSecOps experts run your cloud security in automated mode by strategically integrating CI/CD for code analysis, IaaS, compliance management and others.

Why choose Cygnet DES

Continuous integration

Helps deliver automated and error-free builds that can be quickly deployed

Continuous deployment

Helps deploy features from continuous integration into production faster

Automated testing

Helps enable deployment and post-deployment testing in local environment rapidly

SOA Architecture

Helps modularize processes and systems to streamline development, maintenance, and extension of services

Lifecycle management

Helps employs automated deployment, version control tracking, and provisioning

Efficient development

Allows developers to make changes to the legacy code and supports testing in local environment before code deployment

Enhanced deployment

Helps developers make and track changes across different languages

The outcomes we deliver

Fewer manual processes

Productivity gains

Enhanced testing

Reduced delays

Supported workforce


Our offerings

DevOps consulting

We assist large and medium businesses with robust DevOps consulting to help them increase development and operations efficiency, accelerate time to market, improve the quality of software builds, and ensure that the code is always in a release-ready state. Our DevOps automation services create a DevOps approach that will allow you to build a remarkable customer experience while achieving outstanding synergy.

Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

With our continuous integration (CI) & continuous deployment (CD) offering, you can ensure your software is always release-ready with updated versions of the application. It is automatically put into production by running changes throughout the CI/CD pipeline, directly deploying builds to production environments without bugs, and scheduling/deploying complex applications to the necessary infrastructure environments.

Infrastructure & environment management

Planning for the right amount of resources required by conducting an audit of the skill sets and the current infrastructure will help you develop a solid resource scaling strategy that considers business needs and stakeholder expectations. Continually share your plans with all parties involved to ensure that client needs and resource needs are met with our Infrastructure & Environment Management offering.


Using the DevSecOps approach, a business includes security checks in the CI-CD pipeline to make the solution more exploitation-proof. Cygnet DES is a DevOps services and solutions provider that implements DevSecOps to your business using static application and security testing (SAST), policy and compliance scanning, and dynamic application security testing (DAST).

Managed Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Develop a scalable and highly dependable system by using codes to handle massive systems with us. Leverage our managed SRE services to combine software engineering and IT operations, speed up the manual operations chores that your ops teams would typically perform, and further optimize your release cycles by bringing in smart automation. With our DevOps services and solutions, you can ensure the high availability of the running solution with zero-touch and proactive monitoring. Cygnet DES empowers you to monitor proactively rather than reactively by proper monitoring, alerting, notification and incident management system.

DevOps as a Service (DaaS)

As a DevOps service provider, we at Cygnet DES have DaaS as one of our client engagement models. We assign one DevOps POC at the front for all the client and team communications, and other DevOps are working at the backend to execute the tasks. This way, utilizing our scrum and agile knowledge, we assist you in efficiently allocating team resources, obtaining quick market input, and significantly reducing expenses. Our DevOps team has the skills, unique frameworks, and tried-and-true toolchains to handle any project, regardless of its complexity, whether it involves architecting an IT environment or creating a fully-fledged DevOps solution from scratch. You can use our multi-year professional exposure in automation and continuous delivery for DaaS to optimize your infrastructure and deploy it in a matter of hours rather than days.

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