We all know what clouds are and how clouds have empowered business with speed and agility. Organizations are more adoptive towards cloud services for creating 360-degree value to the business by incorporating it at the core. The power of clouds is not only boosting their IT landscape but also acting as a catalyst to the business/commercial ecosystem.

The cloud-first approach helps businesses to address challenging issues to assist their digital journey. We, at Cygnet DES, work with our customers by providing comprehensive cloud consulting and tailored solutions, including a strategic roadmap, specialization in hybrid cloud integration, cloud-agnostic solutions, service discovery, and cloud optimization.

We help our clients with migration, continuous modernization, and ongoing management of all technology assets across the cloud operating models, resulting in faster cloud operations and workloads with cost savings, improved efficiency, shorter release management cycle, and strong security.

Why choose Cygnet DES

Industry & domain experts

Boost your mission with expert technology consulting and end-to-end development needs

Trusted back-end development partner

We complement all your technology needs and bridge resource gaps

Offer the ‘Bold Approach’ to your enterprise challenges

We ease out complexities of business-critical data with comprehensive solution delivery

Strategic alignment

We offer ‘Get-Set-Go’ innovation, so you can focus on strategic initiatives and Generation of value with speed and agility

Technical and business growth

We not only support technical team with technical expertise but also the business by utilizing cloud services to simplify or boost their commercials

Early adoption

We started working on cloud back in 2013 and were early adaptors of AWS services such as cloud front AWS CLI for scripting the entire structure. Our architecture was reviewed by Gartner 3rd level as well with respect of security and resilience

The outcomes we deliver

Custom solution that caters business/commercial needs

Address pain points in different view so to give suggestion not based on the easy outcome but address the real need

Available accelerators for Lift n Shift

Self-build products to do proper DataMigration (TestingWhiz Pro)

Feature velocity gain of 20% with agile-driven CI-CD-CT implementations

Our offerings

Cloud First adoption

A business can seamlessly streamline, coordinate, scale, save costs, reduce human error, and improve security and recovery abilities by adopting cloud-first technology.

We empower businesses to seize emerging opportunities, future-proof their business, and scale rapidly using cloud-first technology as the means to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies, create innovation ecosystems, and drive businesses through a vision of cohesive transformation.

Our customers have experienced increased ROI through business continuity, flexibility, slashed costs, enhanced efficiencies, and collaboration to win stakeholder confidence by cloud first adoption.

Cloud Strategy

Businesses can leverage the agility, resilience, reliability, mobility, system availability, and innovation of the cloud by choosing the apt cloud model for their organization.

We align businesses with their purpose by building a customized cloud strategy that fits their requirements. Our experts bring in their deep contextual knowledge, experience, and strategic values to apply the full potential of the cloud with certainty to make your business future ready.

Our experts, with their deep domain and industry knowledge, have provided guided roadmaps to our customers by designing a cloud migration framework that aligns with their business objectives.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

A hybrid cloud strategy brings the benefits of workload portability, planning, and management across the private cloud and public cloud environments.

With the mobility between these interconnected cloud environments, we offer greater flexibility and agility to the data deployment options of a business. This allows a business to extend better support to its remote workforce, reduce variable infrastructure costs, improve scalability, increase automation and innovation, lessen potential downtime and enhance business continuity while boosting security and risk management.

Our experts understand the needs and goals of the business and implement the aptest hybrid cloud architecture accordingly.

DR as a Service (DRaaS)

The business imperative governs its choice to opt for cloud disaster recovery. Any business nowadays is fueled by data and trust. A disaster can’t be preempted, and a template solution is not adoptable.

We offer DRaaS to fortify the data protection plan of a business, provide it with a competitive edge, reduce costs of offsite data recovery, and offer flexibility to a business as it scales. With DRaaS, we can make the business more resilient by distributing the backup servers geographically.

Our tech wizards ensure the protection of the assets and digital reputation of the business while implementing DRaaS to drive business growth and be a game-changer.

Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)

Businesses are eliminating manual processes across all departments so as IT infrastructure. With the introduction of cloud computing, it has simplified but was not automated. IaaC has revolutionized the landscape with the help of tools such as Terraform, Ansible Puppet & Chef along with native cloud services.

We offer speed and consistency to business by decreased risk of manual infrastructure provisioning, reduced management overhead, enhanced security, and cost optimization.

Our expert squad benefits business by building IT infrastructure with code that enhances productivity through automation minimizes the risk of human error and complies with governing policies.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Businesses gain the agility to enable rapid development and more frequent delivery of functionality with PaaS. Continuous integration and automatic application deployment results in continuous updates, scalability, and rapid time to market.

We boost business focus by reducing business costs, accelerating testing and deployment, allocating dynamically, facilitating remote working, and increasing the processes’ speed, agility, flexibility, performance, and scalability.

With PaaS, our team leaves no backup overheads or need for software maintenance and allows a business to focus on its business model rather than managing the systems.

Cloud Modernization and Cost Optimization

Businesses are modernizing their cloud infrastructure by adopting containers, developing serverless applications, transforming with managed data, and using managed analytics.

We increase business revenue, reduce IT spend and time to resolve security incidents, and accelerate the time to insight while modernizing the cloud infrastructure of our customers. With the reduction in downtime, increase in on-time releases and compute utilization, reduction in IT infrastructure spend, lesser time to resolve security incidents, increase in storage utilization and business revenue, surge in data utilized for insights, reduction in time to insight, and rise in transformation focused resources – the overall business benefits from cloud modernization at optimized cost.

Our tech squad optimizes costs while accelerating business agility, operational resilience, and staff productivity of a business.

Data and Analytics

Data collection, tracking, and analysis allow businesses to exploit large data sets to enhance business results. Using cloud-based data analytics services further empowers the company to retrieve, collect, analyze and deploy large data sets to identify trends and focus on areas for improvement across the business.

To increase business profitability, we offer cloud solutions and analytics services that can seamlessly integrate with the business needs to understand and process different types of data and gain insights. Our services help our customers find their answers faster, break down silos, reduce costs, and increase sharing and collaboration.

Our experts help our customers to gain a strategic edge by processing their large data sets more efficiently and utilizing cloud scalability, affordability while improving data security.

Cloud Governance

Businesses adopt cloud systems as they want to enhance security, manage risks, and enable smooth operations while achieving their goals. Poor integration, lack of alignment, duplication of data or effort, and new security issues still bug them.

Cygnet DES’s dynamic cloud governance solutions help our customers plan, consider, execute, and manage system integration, asset positioning, data security, change management, collaboration, and other aspects of cloud computing.

Our experts ensure that the cloud governance initiatives of a business meet compliance obligations, security best practices, and organizational policies. While decreasing administrative overhead and reducing shadow IT.

Cloud Native vs Cloud Agnostic

Every business is different from others, and so is the IT strategy; understanding your business and your customer needs at the initial level is critical. Businesses benefit from the indigenous features, plugins, and managed services within a particular cloud environment of cloud-native architecture and from the flexibility and autonomy offered by the cloud-agnostic architecture.

Our experts understand the unique needs of business teams and pick the right strategy for them.

Cloud Migration

Ensure a scalable, secure, and agile cloud infrastructure environment tailored to your needs with automated infrastructure management and monitoring.

Consulting & Advisory

The technology consulting and advisory services at Cygnet DES assist businesses in leveraging technology and innovation to develop their technology visions, carry out their digital transformation initiatives, and reimagine their industries to maximize the value of their technology investments.

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