About Cygnet Infotech’s CoE

The Center of Excellence (CoE) of Cygnet Infotech is a well-thought-out answer to one of the biggest challenges of today’s enterprises.

Organizations often struggle to integrate new technologies or solutions into their businesses effectively. It’s especially true when it comes to innovation, digitization and technology upgrades. They require an expert hand to work with them intricately to solve this problem. And that’s where Cygnet Infotech’s CoE comes into the picture.

Our CoE is a group of business & technology experts who work together to provide expertise, support, and guidance for transformative initiatives at the organizational level that leverage the smartest technologies.

Cygnet Infotech’s CoE team help customers succeed by providing them with the required skills to successfully deploy their digital roadmap with a consultative approach. We help our customers develop a clear vision for their business and then continuously improve their business processes to achieve that vision.

The CoE team of Cygnet Infotech is also responsible for our technological and organizational growth by driving the organization to excel across multiple arenas.

How has the CoE transformed Cygnet DES's operations?

And what does this means for our Clients!

Transformational and digitalizational excellence help an organization to adapt and deliver faster. Cygnet’s CoE allows us to do so by enhancing our process of product design & execution and leading us to manage our resources more intelligently.

Center of Excellence streamlines our workflows and decreases the time we take to execute tasks and achieve objectives.

CoE increases our speed and efficiency in executing projects. It positively boosts the quality of our services which translates into greater customer satisfaction.

Why Center of Excellence (CoE)?

With our Smart Philosophy, we move customers to the next stage of digital maturity. This results in the continuous innovation of our architectural excellence. Also, it leads to constant process modernization, cost-effective solutions, best industry practices, mature process-oriented solutions etc.

Hence, to ensure the above organizational pluses, CoE plays a significant role. Our CoE pivots on three pillars of enhancement for quality delivery and capability building for our product and service horizon.


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How does Cygnet Infotech's CoE make a difference?

Cygnet Infotech’s Center of Excellence is designed to enhance various areas of the organization, such as:

Architectural excellence

Technical excellence

Product lifecycle

Process excellence

Knowledge managment

Domain excellence

How does CoE engage?

Cygnet’s CoE plays a versatile role at the organizational level. We actively work in the below ways:

Be hand in hand partner with the executive members and help them in decision making.

Strategy development with the business and proposing the technical solutions.

Give solution-oriented answers so the executive leadership team can take better business and operational decisions.

CoE prepares failover plans and is flexible in strategizing those whenever required to ensure flawless delivery to customers.

Identify the technical and business challenges, propose solutions to the team, and ensure that the company properly understands the same.

CoE helps perform proper operational activities during key junctures of the product lifecycle.

Having an in-depth view of different operational aspects from a neutral body like CoE helps the organization’s leadership team stay empowered.

How does Cygnet Infotech's CoE work with our customers?

Our Center of Excellence team becomes a part of delivery lifecycle that gives flexibility and openness to the customer helping to get a product delivered and provide our clients with a consultative approach that makes the difference. As our customers get into a consultative approach, they experience great benefits; from monthly governance meetings where they can share their challenges around the business to discussing the process or technical roadblocks with the right people.

Our CoE team is well-equipped with both the type of experts, technical and domain related, which helps our clients enormously as it impacts their journey. CoE works throughout our customer journey based on the operational model they opt for.


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