About Client  

The client is a UK-based insurance provider that delivers top-notch consultancy, insurance, and reinsurance services to financial firms, travel agencies, and the health sector. They have been successfully offering exceptional services to its ever-growing customer base for over a decade, with a strong international footprint across Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

Country UK
Industry BFSI

Business Requirement

Improve overall customer satisfaction and reduce business expenses.  

  • Lack of skilled resources to evaluate utilization and optimal cloud infrastructure performance 
  • Build a simplified documentation system and well-crafted workflow in place for better operational management 
  • Follow a code review and source control process 
  • Overcome the challenge of excess bill and underutilized resources 
  • Configure permissions and access rights properly 
  • Fill the gaps in cloud security 
  • Streamline the management and monitor services on AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment 

Our Solution

  • Analyzed the business goals and IT infrastructure, helped the client identify gaps, and proposed a detailed report reflecting set of challenges and their solutions 
  • Recommendations to downsize, eliminate and optimize the underutilized cloud services, based on the size, storage, usage, cost, and performance factors 
  • Administered the AWS environment, formulated the best practices, and identified ways to implement them 
  • Configured AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) services to securely monitor and grant rights & permissions across the environment 
  • The EC2 instances (virtual servers) used on the AWS infrastructure were analyzed and downscaled for significant cost savings without hindering performance 
  • Customized scripts were developed to automate the removal of AMIs and snapshots older than a specific number of days and retained the important ones based on the demand 
  • Analyzed the usage patterns, storage capacity of the required database hosted on RDS instances 
  • Created database backups at predefined intervals and made them fault-tolerant   
  • Security and compliance benchmarks implementation 

Tools & Technologies  

  • Amazon Web Services 
  • MVC, JS, jQuery, VB.Net, Python, SSIS, Power BI, SQL 

Business Outcome 

  • AWS monthly bill was reduced by 60% 
  • Go-to-market time was accelerated by 50%
  • Client’s focus shifted to productive business initiatives 
  • Reduced business expenses by 45% 
  • Cost reduction analysis and correction improved efficiency & profitability 
  • Operations managed with an uptime of 99.98% and IOPS of more than 150,000. 

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