About Client     

The client is a subsidiary of Roads and Transport which provides its customers with a range of services, comforts, and customer care, with the highest levels of transportation quality standards. 

Country UAE
Industry Travel & Transport

Business Requirement

  • High percentage of non-revenue trips: Taxi spends half of its operational time on non-revenue trips, and the other half have riding customers. 
  • Commercial viability: Operational cost against revenue is high, which in the long run may limit business development 
  • Technology and innovation: Lack of taxi demand visibility barricades adequate provisioning at the ‘right place’ and at the ‘right time’. 
  • Limited knowledge of the taxi demand: Limited data and visibility resulted in inefficient operations with long passenger wait time and several vacant trips 

Our Solution

A state-of-the-art AI/ML-based predictive analysis system for forecasting the Taxi Demand at any given future time, based on various inputs along with integration with various systems/sources running in the client environment. 

  • A web application that provides future predictive analysis statistics and various other useful information to help critical business decisions
  • Android mobile application to accept requests and earn incentives on the trips drivers make in high-demand areas
  • Prediction of taxi demand from historical and real-time data sources 
  • Prompt the most optimized route for the driver through a mobile app with the highest probability of getting rides
  • Dynamically re-optimize & propose new route, when demand drops in the area of taxi movement 
  • Help the operations team to make micro-decisions based on the predicted demand in future  

Tools & Technologies 

  • Power BI  
  • Cosmos DB  
  • MySQL  
  • Hadoop  
  • NodeJS  
  • Kafka  
  • Spark 
  • Azure Data Factory  
  • Azure ML, H2O.ai  
  • Azure IASS/ PASS 

Business Outcomes 

  • Improved taxi engagement ratio (Engaged/Vacant) 
  • Reduced passenger wait time 
  • Reduced idle time of the driver with quick updates 
  • Augmented revenue/non-revenue kilometer ratio 
  • Improvised revenue/kilometer 
  • Increased number of revenue trips  
  • Advanced analytics reports improved decision making

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