“Blockchain” has been a buzzword for a long time, with its introduction initially for transactions and later for contracts and decentralized applications deployment. Businesses are transforming by leveraging cryptography’s openness, flexibility and security to create a new type of digital infrastructure. Blockchain support empowers enterprises to reduce overhead costs and hassles in commercializing assets.

We, at Cygnet DES, provide cutting-edge blockchain services and capabilities to our customers by not only implementing smart contracts, giving cryptocurrency wallets, and designing enterprise-wide blockchain and DApps but also consulting our customers on how to adopt blockchain. Our SMEs and consultants work with our customers, leading their way to a disruptive future powered by solutions and architecture fueled by transparency, security, decentralization and productivity to improve efficiency, eliminate intermediaries, increase accountability and secure a formidable position.

Our award-winning blockchain security solution, Cygnature, benefits our clients by creating a reliable, trusted and sustainable ecosystem for their businesses. While building our product, we were exposed to complex problems, which allowed us to learn and help customers adopt the technology faster.

Why choose Cygnet DES

We are one of the early adapters of blockchain for ICO, DApps and smart contracts, web and mobile application development.

We have developed the framework for enterprise blockchain, and public and private blockchain that can help you gain competitive advantage.

We have ready products on NFT and marketplace along with our own cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platforms (CeFi and DeFi) to help you monetize your business.

At Cygnet DES, we have developed our own blockchain-based digital signing solution, Cygnature, that creates digital identity and credentials of your business.

Our customer-centric approach towards blockchain development includes initial consultancy with a simplified approach and then provide sample POCs for the core agile approach.

The outcomes we deliver

Benefits over cost in terms of data privacy

Operational agility

Increased efficiency

Fast adoption of technology

Secured and streamlined transactions

Resolved privacy concerns

Risk mitigation

Immutability and replication of records

Transparency of processes

Quick consensus on topics

Our offerings

NFT Marketplace

A business can benefit from the decentralization, security, simplified bidding, growth margin, and financial future offered by the NFT marketplace. Cygnet DES has built around NFT platforms by leveraging blockchain technology to monetize digital content through emerging industries.

Smart Contracts

Your business can use smart contracts to increase transaction speed, accuracy, and safety. They also create automated backup and provide the advantage of autonomy and savings to a business. At Cygnet DES, we guarantee automatic updates and transparency with smart contract implementation for your business.

Private & Public Blockchain

At Cygnet DES, we help you implement and create private blockchain to make the processes faster, scalable, compliant, and more efficient for your business while we also have the capability of implementing public blockchain for your business to take advantage of its anonymity, transparency, immutability, and complete decentralization.

Blockchain consulting

A business needs to optimize its blockchain strategy to enhance its efficiency and growth. At Cygnet DES, we provide blockchain customer service and work with our customers to develop, implement, and/or adopt blockchain into their business smoothly by analyzing their business needs and goals.

Cryptocurrency wallet

A business can control its digital assets to protect its secrets and stay competitive in the market with a cryptocurrency wallet. Cygnet DES helps you store and secure your public and private keys in the digital wallet.

Enterprise Blockchain

At the enterprise level, blockchain is a cost-efficient, fast, and innovative technology that retains the benefits of transparency, decentralization, privacy, and immutability while fine-tuning the blockchain architecture to function in enterprise-level environments. Cygnet DES designs blockchain networks for organizations to streamline business processes while saving IT and labor costs, keeping the data safe, speeding transactions, and enabling scalability.

DApps development

Decentralized applications provide businesses, partners, and customers with a trustworthy environment. With flexible development and lower barriers to access services, DApps develop an open market with liquidity for a business. Cygnet DES helps businesses in different industries, including banking and gaming, develop and adopt DeFi Dapps and Dapps browsers.

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