Regulations, API banking, and the quickening development of data science, artificial intelligence, and mobility technologies are driving this unheard-of shift in the banking & financial services industry. The competitive environment, traditional product offerings, and the manner that clients utilize and purchase financial services are all being changed by these changes. The revolutionary digitization is now a must-have for the banking and finance industry. Build a digital environment that is secure, accessible, smart and well-crafted with us.

Cygnet DES has over 23 years of experience in the business and is now the go-to partner for many banks and financial services enterprises. To promote operational excellence and financial efficiency inside a business, we collaborate with our clients as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. Through the application of a digital mosaic of innovative technologies, we assist our clients in achieving this by enabling them to provide highly tailored financial services that are valued by their clients.

Retail banking

Imagine future retail banking better and engage customers with robust experience

Commercial banking

Innovate, digitize and accelerate commercial banking and cut down on costs by improving the customer experience at the same time

Cards & payments

Redesign cards and payments space with a seamless experience at every facet of the payment spectrum

Risk & compliance

Discover the innovative new technology solutions we have created to handle the risk & compliance needs of the banking & finance industry


Lack of technology expertise

For an industry that depends on security more than any other industry in the world, implementing new technology is not an easy process. As there are several competing solutions in the market, it is difficult to comprehend which option will best suit an organization’s specific needs.   

Becoming digital

Unfortunately, the human element of banking is on the decline. Banking is a sector that was founded on interpersonal relationships. Even if it’s just a fast in-and-out visit, customers desire simplicity and don’t want to spend their Saturday mornings at the branch, anymore. 

Need of cultural shift

Manual procedures and processes have no place in the digital era. To address the issues faced by the banking industry, banks and credit unions must consider technological and digital solutions hereafter. A culture transformation toward a technology-first mindset is necessary. 

Regulatory Compliance

As a direct result of the enormous increase in regulatory costs relative to earnings and credit losses since the 2008 financial crisis, regulatory compliance has grown to be one of the biggest challenges faced by the banking industry. To function, financial organizations must adhere to a wide range of governmental and industry laws, but doing so is itself challenging. 

Our Capabilities

Significantly improve your digital transformation's performance with our capabilities. Cygnet DES assists you in achieving your objectives in some of today's most complex and quickly evolving use cases, whether it be by creating whole new solutions or globally scalability current people and processes.

Data Intelligence

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights by conducting unparalleled data quality checking at a reduced cost.

Cloud Compatibility

Winning in the digital age with cloud enabled end-to-end automation for data migration & batch process on the cloud platform.

Transforming to Microservices

Overcome the barriers to adopting microservices and re-architecture systems to improve developer productivity, application performance, and end-user experience.

Core Modernization

Transform your legacy technology and applications into a robust modern ecosystem by redefining, re-executing, and re-validating your solutions.

Technical Debt Reduction

Optimize your overall organizational cost by minimizing technical debt per project.

Instant Payments

Mitigate payment challenges around legacy modernization, personalization in channels and process automation and address organization’s unique set of challenges and modernize their payments systems faster.

Our Service offerings

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

It is crucial to adapt new technologies and transform organizations digitally in order to keep up with the changing global trends.

Development & maintenance

Development & maintenance

Various assistance is provided through developing and maintaining the systems as per the business requirements.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Big data implementation is required to model the reports/information and channelize it accordingly.

Managed SRE

Managed SRE

An all-encompassing platform that connects development and operations. SRE increases nonfunctional production requirements and anticipates outages before they occur.

Enterprise IT Transformation & Automation

Leverage seamless automation security services delivered across SDLC for continuous improvement.

Integration and Production Support

Various integrations are modernized as per the business requirements and 24*7 support is provided through the allocated team.

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