Automotive industry faced a significant impact due to the pandemic. Every stage of the supply chain is disrupted by decreased demand, supply disruptions, threats to employee health and safety and whatnot. At the same time the industry is going through a massive business transformation. Hyperautomated, intelligent, connected and eco-friendly are the buzz words running through the transformation engine. It has highlighted important aspects of digitization, automation, the inclusion of emerging technologies and a connected ecosystem by creating a value chain for the business that can be expanded and be more resilient. Additionally, a flexible supply chain driven by predictive modelling that can adjust to changes in logistics, distribution, and purchasing must be built to keep the business up and running.

In order to utilize insights generated by predictive modelling throughout business cycles, Cygnet DES’s industry practice collaborates with manufacturers of next-generation vehicles. Your company’s lean operations, product innovation, and business agility are all a part of our digital ecosystem’s commitment to sustainability. Our connected and smart service offerings are delivered with the consultive approach by both industry and technical experts helps you to address changes in the mobility landscape, the assembly line and supply chain’s digital retooling, we help you in reducing and anticipating business risks. Build a digital environment with Cygnet DES’s expertise and experience of over two decades.


Manufacturing shutdowns

Massive production halts were a result of the pandemic’s blitz, which was accompanied by strict social quarantine rules and widespread lockdowns. Manufacturing shutdowns are one of the automotive industry’s biggest issues since governments everywhere enforced health and safety laws.

Lesser vehicle sales

During the pandemic, decreased auto sales became one of the industry’s most pressing problems. This was obviously expected in the event of a pandemic, as people would place the least importance on buying a vehicle.

Huge layoffs

One obvious effect of factory shutdowns is a loss of workers. As the coronavirus spread, many businesses were forced to make large-scale layoffs, which became one of the key difficulties facing the automotive industry.

Broken supply chain

Production was abruptly stopped when COVID-19 first appeared, unsettling supply systems all around the world. The statewide lockdown, which had a significant influence on the supply chain, had a negative impact on nearly two-thirds of China’s automobile industry, which was initially hit by the epidemic.

Our capabilities

With the assistance of our variety of solutions, Cygnet DES’s capabilities in the automotive sector helps you become more nimble by adopting IoT, AI/ML, and industry 4.0 technologies faster in the 5G age and innovate on platforms, goods, and services, to provide tailored customer experiences.

Customer Experience (CX)

Boost automotive sales and increase loyalty throughout the entire lifecycle by delivering seamless and consistent customer experiences.

Product development

Develop and deliver high-quality products quickly, at competitive prices, and with transparency for all parties involved throughout the full product lifecycle.

Data intelligence

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights by conducting unparalleled data quality checking at a reduced cost.

Connected vehicles

To help enhance the driving experience and to help shape product development and quality, AI and analytics offer robust insights on such data to build smart vehicles.

Platform & device engineering

In order to boost revenue and service levels, we offer complete platform & device engineering services that encompass the whole technology stack over the course of the entire product lifecycle.

Core modernization

Transform your legacy technology and applications into a robust modern ecosystem by redefining, re-executing, and re-validating your solutions.

Our service offerings

Digital Transformation

It is crucial to adapt new technologies and transform organizations digitally in order to keep up with the changing global trends.

Cloud migration

Winning in the digital age by shifting to cloud platform enabled for end-to-end automation in data migration & batch process.


Extend robust digital transformation with the right strategy in a 5G-led connected era.

Product Engineering Services

Create products that are future-proof by utilizing innovative IP and engineering services to lower risks and improve consumer experiences.

Development & maintenance

Various assistance is provided through developing and maintaining the systems as per the business requirements.

Enterprise IT Transformation & Automation

Leverage seamless automation security services delivered across SDLC for continuous improvement.

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