Upscale your business growth with our technology accelerators and save development efforts up to 40%. With our ready to deploy frameworks, save up to 20% development cost. Our accelerators are built with an aim to quickly improve software performance by using a combination of in-depth knowledge and extensive experience. We have classified our accelerators into two major groups: technology frameworks and product accelerators.

An array of architecture building blocks, ready-to-deploy frameworks, and pluggable components help save development efforts, time, and costs up to 50-70%.

Technology Frameworks

.NET Microservices Architecture

Java Microservices Architecture

Node.js Architecture (REST/GraphQL)

Laravel Microservices Architecture

React with Next.js Architecture

Angular Architecture

Event Driven Architecture

Serverless Architecture

Blockchain architecture for Private Blockchain

Blockchain framework for NFT Marketplace

Laravel API Versioning

Laravel ACL Structure

Android MVVM Architecture with Kotlin

iOS MVVM with RxSwift Architecture

Product Accelerators

Testingwhiz – Test automation Accelerator

TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool that allows you to clear your
selenium debt and enable testing for various scenarios like web, database,
regression, mobile testing in the same test case. It helps enterprises
achieve guaranteed ROI with its extraordinary features.

  • Keywords Driven & Record and Playback:

    Plug and Play keyword driven framework

  • End to End Test Automation

    Codeless keywords automation for each layer of software

  • Migration of existing Selenium scripts

    Existing selenium scripts can be migrated and executed in TestingWhiz

  • Inbuilt JavaScript and Python Editor

    To handle out of the box scenarios (AI/ML)

  • Painless Maintenance

    Easy maintenance for code/ Test case changes with modular structure

Automationwhiz – Hyperautomation Accelerator

An enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform with cognitive abilities powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It not only helps users automate various business processes but also helps in identifying the processes that can be automated. It has 3 components;

  • Bot Creator:

    Helps user to create Intelligent Bots, used to automate complex business scenarios

  • Bot Executor:

    A Web based platform that provides a unified view of the entire RPA platform for centralized administration.

  • Bot Manager:

    Multiple Bot Executors (VMs, Physical Machines) distribute the execution of Bots to achieve distributed execution of processes.

Cygnature – Digital Transformation Accelerator

A Blockchain-based Digital Signing Solution which is available at various places such as on-premise, in a private tenant, and on the cloud.

  • Range of signature types:

    Sign documents using various range of signature types like digital, electronic, biometric, national ID and live.

  • Ways of signing documents:

    Have a choice of signing documents or declining documents. One can also delegate document for signing, co-sign, assign and many more.

  • Ways of sending documents for signing:

    Send documents of any file format like PDF, DOC. etc. and can upload from Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box. Also, you can reuse the templates once used. Track and observe the documents sent for signing, set different signing order, comment, and send private messages to signers.

  • Enhanced security and Blockchain security:

    With Cygnature you get Blockchain security to the documents where all activities on a document are stored on Blockchain and all activities on the document are tracked & time stamped.

  • Mobile application:

    Users can quickly sign documents using Cygnature’s mobile application.

  • API integration:

    Integrate E-Signature APIs into your systems seamlessly and with high flexibility. All assistance is given from API documentation to the implementation process.

Tax Technology and Fintech

Our Tax Technology and Fintech solutions help businesses accelerate their journey towards digitization.

With Cygnet Infotech’s experience in Tax Technology, automate Indirect Tax Compliance right as per your requirements, accelerate workflows to manage data entries, process large volume of data within minutes with data validation checks, comply timely, digitize tax processes and do much more.

Get assistance in premeditating tax and regulatory issues based on our understanding together of law and Indirect Taxation.

  • Real-Time Invoicing

    Integrate ERPs to process data and enable e-Invoicing or real time invoicing across India, the Middle East, UK & Europe, among others.

  • Indirect Tax Compliance

    Automate VAT and GST return preparation in specific formats provided by the tax authorities with accurate and custom tax calculations.

  • Purchase Automation

    Reconcile invoices/e-Invoices with PO and GRN before recording the purchases and reclaim accurate VAT/GST.

  • Digitizing Tax Process

    Extract required data from multiple data sources, configure and convert huge data transactions for data mapping, massaging, validation, and reconciliation.

  • Digitization Enablers

    A tailor made Compliance Tracker, Invoicing, Billing solution to manage and monitor all your compliance submissions with automated control to digitize tax processes.

Cygnet Fintech empowers financial institutions make informed decisions comprehensively and quickly with technology enabled and data- driven platform for credit assessment and decisioning.

Targeted towards Banks, NBFCs, and Financial Institutions our platform can be customized as per your requirements. In includes key expertise we carry to design a bespoke solution you need with:

  • Intelligent Document Processing

    An OCR based AI-ML algorithm enabling information extraction from any template agnostic format.

  • Analytical Engine

    Automated extraction of information from multiple sources such as Bank Statements, Bills, Invoices, Credit card statements, Income tax returns and more for an accurate credit lending decision.

  • Rule Engine

    Custom underwriting model analyzing the reports to depict an indicative score for presenting a loan offer.

  • Digital Journey

    Cloud based customer experience engagement driving digital banking experience with UI/UX architecture for new age banks.

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